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To start with, Comenity Bank issues the Zales Credit Card. Shopping for jewelry online is becoming increasing popular. This is a standard credit card for in-store shopping as well as online purchase at This Zales Credit Card login and review blog will not only give you information about features and rewards, but also, will let you know about the pros and cons of this card. Furthermore, it will explain details such as recommendation about credit score requirement, interest rate, fees etc. Besides this, this blog will let you know about Zales online account registration and login procedure for payment and management of Zales Credit Card.


Annual fee                                           : $0.

Purchase APR                                     : 29.99% variable.

Recommended credit score            : from 660 to 850.

Most suitable for                                : Customers who do frequent shopping with Zales.

Credit card Highlights:

  • Get no cost standard shipping.
  • On your birthday receive $50 discount.
  • It offers 10% off on any repair services.
  • Avail benefit of exclusive cardholder coupons.
  • A free special financing period for up to 18 months.

Although, the first impression of Zales Credit Card is almost like other similar branded store cards, there are specific exclusive features which make this card almost unique than other credit cards. In this review blog, all minute details regarding Zales Credit Card are covered so that, you will be able to make clear decision accordingly.

To start with, it is important to know that this card has no annual fee. Besides that, it has significantly higher APR of 29.99%, however, this is rather common among all such branded store credit cards. Anyone who is having credit score of 660 or higher can easily apply for Zales credit card. Hence, if your credit card is not suitable for above mentioned credit score range then forget about this card.


Zales Benefits


Furthermore, like other credit cards Zales card doesn’t offer benefits such as cash back rewards or percentage specific rewards based on your shopping payment, conversely, it offers many bonus features. This includes free or discounted credit period just like Trek credit card and Big Lots credit card. In particular, free financing for a period of 6 to 18 months is the foremost reason to have this Zales Store card. Moreover, you will get such credit at the remarkable interest rate of 9.99% for up to 36 months.

Also, as far as the late or delayed payments are concerned, it will cost you additional interest rate of 29.99% from the date you have purchased the item. Generally, such extra interest rate is known as deferred interest charges. Assuming that, you are going to pay back the amount within financing period, it is harmless to get financing on items for 6 to 12 months.

Apart from bonus and all, having Zales credit card will get you the benefits of free standard shipping, $50 discounts on your birthday and a special access to attend any events. Moreover, it offers 10% discount on repairs of jewelry, which is also a good one. Upon such jewelry repairs, you will receive notifications on your mobile which is more convenient option.

Zales Credit Card Login

After having this credit card in hand, you will have to complete sign up procedure for online access and management of Zales Credit Card. By management we mean, you can perform many tasks online such as shopping online, payment for your credit card bills, check payment due dates, check reward points, check new updates, upcoming events and offers etc. Initially, you have to go through credit card account login process to get in to this online account access. Below are few steps to let you understand the whole procedure easily.

Click on the button below to sign in to your Zales Card account online…


  • Clicking on the button above, below mentioned comenity webpage will appear on which click on the “Sign In” button on the top right corner of the page.


  • Afterwards, key in your Zales online account username and password in the blank spaces.

  • To allow the browser remember your Zales online sign in username and password click on “Remember Me” check button. Now, next time when you visit this webpage, you need not to remember your username and password. Browser will automatically prompt you to put your credentials in the blank spaces to sign in.
  • Finally, click on “Sign In” button to finish the login process.


Zales Credit Card Payment


In my belief, there are actually 3 different ways, using which you can able to make payment for your Zales Credit Card. Here below the same payment options are explained in brief. So that, you can make your Zales Credit Card payment easily.

  • First way to do credit card payment is through online mode. To do so, you have to sign in to your Zales online account following above steps. Once you are there, you will get the option to manage your account. Online card payment option will be there for your further action.
  • Second way to make credit card payment is through making a phone call. For this, you can call on 1-844-271-2708 number and follow the audio instructions and act accordingly for making credit card payment.
  • Last, you can also make credit card payment by using mail payment option. For this, you can send a cheque along with your credentials and purpose of payment. Send mail payment on “Comenity Bank, PO Box 65978, San Antonio, TX 78265-9728”.


Zales Credit Card Application Process


In case, you don’t have this credit card and want to have one, the basic procedure involves online card application process. On the other hand, you have to go through below criteria and check your eligibility first.

  • At the time of online application your age should be 18 years or more.
  • You should be a U.S. citizen.
  • To qualify for this, you credit score should be at least 660.

Assuming that, all is in place, you can now submit your Zales credit card application online. To do that, simply follow the instructions properly and that’s it.

Zales Apply Button

  • At first, click on the “Apply Now” button, at the bottom right place of the webpage. It will draw you to the terms and conditions page. Simply read all the information carefully and go further agreeing it.

Zales Credit Card Application

  • Subsequently, the page will take to online application registration form, which requires information such as First Name, MI, Last Name, Suffix, SSN, Date of Birth, Actual Income, Intended Purchase Amount etc.

Personal Information

  • Furthermore, key in your contact information in the form, and finally to submit the application click on “Continue” button.

Application Process

  • On successful submission of online Zales Credit Card application, it will take few working days for the approval procedure. Finally, you will get your Zales Credit Card on your postal address.

Deactivate the Card


If you want to deactivate your credit card online then, simply follow this steps to do so.

  • Go to your Zales online account by login procedure.
  • Under, manage your card, you will see a link of “Deactivate access”
  • It will further ask you to key in last 4 digits of Zip code and SSN.
  • Finally, give your confirmation by clicking on “Deactivate my account”.

You can also deactivate your credit card by calling customer care number. To do that, dial 1844-271-2708 and follow the instructions.

Zales Credit Card Lost ?


In this busy time, Lost/Stolen of credit card is not new now. Such incidents can be registered through mailing or by making a phone call.

To register your Lost/Stolen report by mail, write to “Comenity Bank, PO BOX 183003, Columbus, OH 43218-3003.”

To register you Lost/Stolen case by making a phone call, dial on Zales customer care number on 1844-271-2708.

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