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TellTheBell – Taco Bell Survey


Tellthebell is a customer feedback survey which gives you an opportunity to win $500 bucks. Taco Bell, which is globally famous restaurant chain, conducts Tellthebell survey. Being such a big brand, it is important to know about customer’s feedback and opinion about the service they offer. In order to attend this survey, you should have the taco bell receipt. So, whenever you visit any nearby Taco Bell restaurant, keep the receipt handy. You never know that, attending the survey on Taco Bell website, may get you that lucky prize. 


Tellthebell Survey


Tellthebell survey is a series of questions with multiple choice options. You simply have to answer the questions as per your recent experience in the Taco Bell. The object of Taco Bell Customer Satisfaction survey is to know about customer feedback. So, let’s find out more about how to win money making Tellthebell survey. In order to win the prize money, you are not investing even a single penny, but only a few minutes on your laptop or smartphone. Here we go…


What will you win with TelltheBell?


Importantly, just to review customer’s Taco Bell service experiences, Tellthebell customer satisfaction survey is being conducted. Specifically, any four lucky contenders can win $500 price money in each period. In order to win the cash prize, many Taco Bell customers participate in it. Conversely, by their valuable feedback and restaurant service experiences, they can know about the areas where they need to improve. Also, they can know about the services they must enhance for better customer satisfaction in their food chain. You believe it or not, but most of the Taco Bell customers do attend this TelltheBell survey, which is an indication of its popularity.


Taco Bell Survey


About Taco Bell Survey


Taco Bell is one of the popular food chains in US. Specifically, famous for its delicious food items such as Nachos, Tacos, Burritos, Quesadillas and more. Importantly, their speciality is a fusion of Mexican and Texan Tacos, known as Tex-Max. Taco Bell operates from about 6500 nationwide locations in US. With all its at par customer service, the food giant has marked its presence in US. Regardless of presence of competitors such as KFC, McDonalds, Burger King etc., it is running successfully being popular among masses.


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TelltheBell Survey Rules


In order to participate in Tellthebell survey, you must follow some basic qualification criteria. Once, you qualify with the entry requirement, you will have fare chance to win the cash prize of $500.


Tellthebell survey rules


  • Age of the Participant shall be 18 years or more.


  • You must a valid Taco Bell receipt of the current period.


  • You can take part in the survey only once.


  • If you leave the survey in-between, it won’t count for prize.


  • Re-entry in the survey is not allowed.


  • For unfinished survey later entry is not valid. Every time you need a separate non-used Taco Bell invoice/receipt.


  • On your receipt, a 16-digit survey code should be printed clearly.


  • In case, you have lost your receipt, you can enroll in the Tellthebell survey by entering the restaurant number and date & time of visit.


  • Generally, customer can only participate in one period using one valid ticket. In order to participate in another survey, you need new receipt.



Highlights of Tellthebell Survey


Entry Period – Once per ticket

Winning Prize – $500 Bucks + Free Tacos + Discount Coupons

Number of Prizes per Draw – 4 per entry period

Participation – Online on

Languages – English / Spanish


TelltheBell Survey highlights



Key focus points of TelltheBell Survey


  • Temperature and taste of the food


  • Quality of the food


  • Hygiene and cleanliness standards


  • Behavior and friendliness of employee


  • Overall customer satisfaction


  • Waiting time and order precision


  • Thoroughly Customer Service during your visit



Sample questions of Taco Bell Survey


Specifically, Tellthebell survey includes nearly 15 questions regarding the overall customer satisfaction in Taco Bell. Generally, the survey takes 2-3 minutes to complete all the questions. Lucky winners of Tellthebell survey gets $500 prize via Tellthebell sweepstakes.


Taco Bell survey rules


In general, the survey questions are a combination of overall customer satisfaction, service, food quality and quantity, order placing experience and waiting time, friendly service by staff. Finally, it will ask you to provide any specific remarks to further improve their service and food. Following are some of the sample set of questions it may ask you.


1st Question

To begin with, the very first question appear on your smartphone or laptop screen will be related to your overall Satisfaction within Taco Bell.


Tellthebell - Overall satisfaction with your taco bell experience


2nd Question

Next question will be regarding the type of order. Such as, whether the order was a Dine-in, Carry-out or Drive-through. Once you answer the question, click on the “Next” button to attend next question.


Taco Bell order type


3rd Question

Generally, this question is regarding your Taco Bell restaurant order placing experience. Like, accuracy of the order, cleanliness of the restaurant inside area, friendliness of the taco bell staff etc. Also, it will ask you about the protection measures taken for customers safety,  how was the quality and portion of the food etc.


Tellthebell - Taco bell satisfaction for quality and portion of food, cleanliness, friendliness of staff


4th Question

This question will be regarding any unpleasant experience if you had any. The basic objective of this question is to know about any problem you have faced during your visit to Taco Bell Restaurant. Especially, you will get choice of answering in either “Yes” or “No”.


Have you faced any problem during your visit to Taco Bell Restaurant


5th Question

Importantly, this survey question will leave some blank space for you. So, you can write your clear feedback in your own words. Your honest answer will help Taco Bell to improve their food and service to the next level. Moreover, this question is based on your previous answers, such as if you have chosen “Fully Satisfied” then “Why” and also, if “Not Satisfied” then “Why”.


Please tell us why you are highly satisfied or unsatisfied with your Taco Bell Restaurant visit


6th Question

I believe that, this specific question is about individual’s performance in the Taco Bell restaurant. So, if you specifically like someone’s customer service, recognize that team member and believe that he/she can be appreciated by the Taco Bell administration, you can suggest his/her name.


Tellthebell - Recognize team member of Taco Bell restaurant staff


7th Question

In this question, survey will ask you about hard cell tacos. For example, what king of tacos you have purchased. Whether it was Beef, Doritos, Locos tacos etc. Simply give your answer in “Yes” or “No” and click on “Next” button.


Hard Shell Taco such as Beef, Doritos, Locos, Tacos etc


8th Question

This specific question is regarding the Quantity & Stuffing of the Taco served. So, it will ask you that, the Taco served was visually full or not, and the expected answer is in “Yes” or “No”.


Fullness of Taco


9th Question

Particularly, this question is dedicatedly being asked you to get the feedback regarding Taco Bell restauntant’s Health & Safety measures. You will have some blank space to write your customized comment regarding that. So, on the basis of your feedback Taco Bell can further improve their services.


Taco Bell Health & Safety measures


10th Question

On successful completion of the whole Taco Bell Survey, the portal will prompt you regarding entering in Taco Bell’s Sweepstakes. Your answer would be “Yes” or “No”. The basic requirement to enter your choice is that, you should be legal US citizen having age of 18 years or more.


Would you like to enter our Sweepstakes


11th Question

Furthermore, Taco Bell Survey will ask you some of your personal contact details. Such as First Name, Last Name and Phone Number.


Tell us about your visit at Taco Bell


On submitting the details, you will be getting “Thank” message. Hence, now officially, you are enrolled in the lucky draw of $500 cash prize. Finally, if you get selected in the online draw, you will be notified by Taco Bell regarding your selection. Also, Taco Bell will post your name in the winners list on Taco Bell website.


Tellthebell Survey - Taco Bell Survey




How can I participate in TelltheBell Survey and win $500 from Taco Bell?


In order to participate in Tellthebell survey, you must follow some steps in correct order. Using your smartphone or laptop you can take part in the online survey on official website. So, here we go with the steps.


Steps to Participate in the TelltheBell Survey


  • First, on your smartphone or laptop, open the web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla etc.)


  • Following, go to the website. Alternatively, reach there by clicking here.


  • Now, enter the 16-digit code (including 0) from your Taco Bell receipt in the given space.


  • In case, you have lost your Taco Bell receipt, simply start the survey with store number and date & time.


  • Furthermore, click on “Start” button to initiate the tellthebell survey.


How to participate in the Taco Bell Survey


  • Subsequently, the online Taco Bell portal will start asking questions which will have multiple answers choice. You can give your answer by selecting any of the following options.


  • Highly Satisfied, Satisfied, Neither Satisfied nor Dissatisfied, Dissatisfied, Highly Dissatisfied.


  • While answering be honest, then only Taco Bell will able to improve their services and food.


  • Keep answering all the questions by clicking “Next” till the survey ends.


  • Finally, at the end of the survey, you will get a link using which you will be able to buy free entry into Sweepstakes. Hence, having entry into Sweepstakes, will get you chance to win exciting $500 cash.





Taco Bell Survey Sweepstakes Winner Declaration Process


On successful completion of the survey, Taco Bell declares the winners. Such announcement will be made using the following means.


  • Winner will receive either a phone call or mail message


  • Taco Bell also declares the names of winners on their official website of






Global Presence of Taco Bell Survey


TelltheBell Canada

Being such a big brand, Taco Bell also has its franchise in Canada. So, Canadian people can also take part in Tellthebell survey by using their Taco Bell invoice or receipt.


TelltheBell Australia

In Australia, having tremendous customer response, Taco Bell has started conducting online Tellthebell survey. So, now onwards Australians can also participate in Taco Bell survey and can have a fare change to win exclusive $500 winning prize.




Taco Bell Customer Service


For any query regarding Taco Bell, you can contact its customer service.  Taco Bell Phone Number is (800) 822-6235.


We all know that, popularity comes with lots of responsibilities as well. Being such a big brand, it is extremely important to take care of your customers by industry best services. Hence, objective of conducting Tellthebell survey or Taco Bell Survey is only and only to improve their services and quality of the food. However, in spite of such excellent service, it may happen that on an odd day, some customer may have unpleasant or bad experience in Taco Bell restaurant. Hence, in such cases if customer wants to register any complaint regarding issues faced in the restaurant, then they can contact on Tellthebell Customer Support number.

Tellthebell survey


TelltheBell Customer Support

In order to contact Taco Bell Custo
mer Support, there are few online as well as offline options are available. Let’s find out them.

Direct visit to Taco Bell main office at, 1 Glen Bell Way, Irvine, CA 92618

Online complaint through and submit your concern through mail or in the online grievance form.

You can also contact, Bell customer satisfaction survey contact number on its toll-free number on 1-800-822-6235

For, personal visit to Taco Bell near you, there is an option to find a Taco Bell stores both in USA and in Canada.

In order to find Taco Bell nearby store in US –

In order to find Taco Bell nearby store in Canada –




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Working hours of Taco Bell


The data gathered during browsing suggest that, working hours clearly depends on the location of the store. For instance, some are open 24*7, whereas some work between 7:00 AM to 1:00 AM. Also, for those who prefer drive through, can visit Taco Bell restaurants between 7:00 AM to 1:00 AM on weekdays. In some cases, on a busy day like Saturdays, working hours may be extended up to 3:00 AM.


What is Taco Bell’s $5 Box?


It is an option of make your own Taco Bell $5 Box by combining food items of your choice. Such as choose any 2 from hard taco, soft taco, bean burrito, beef burrito etc. Also, chips and cheese blend nachos or regular fries, cinnamon twists or caramel apple empanada. Moreover, you can have one 20-Ounce medium drink.


Is delivery service offered by Taco Bell?


“Yes”. Using Taco Bells online web portal, customers can order their food. For that, simply visit to or go to the mobile app and place your order. You can also place advance order using date and time. The benefits of such online order are, you need not to go outside and wait in queues. Online order allows you to track the status of your order.



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Taco Bell Delivery


For online order, simply visit the official page of Taco Bell Delivery on Furthermore, key-in your delivery address and zip code to check weather delivery to that address is possible or not. So, if you are in Doordash’s order delivery range, then you will get prompt delivery. However, those who don’t fall in this range can also order Taco Bell items through online delivery partners such as, Uber Eats, Grubhub, Postmates etc. So, either you go for official website of Taco Bell or with partner’s apps. In case, you order from tellthebell partner’s website/app, the prices may be different and menu may have limited food options. Moreover, delivery charges and other fess may be applicable. At the time of order delivery, you may also be asked to give Taco Bell feedback or your tellthebell experience.



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