Old Navy Credit Card

Old Navy Credit Card Login

Old Navy Credit Card Login

Old Navy is one stop solution for reasonable and in vogue stuffs like apparel which is available in all sizes for everyone. You can have a considerable lot of coupons, promotions, benefits, rewards, deals and so on as often as possible. When you are going to shop from old navy credit card then you will like their savings plan. Furthermore, customers can visit Old Navy Credit Card Login web portal and manage their account online.

In case you’re a standard customer at Old Navy and its partner brands like Banana Republic and Gap, an Old Navy Card may offer you a decent and significant amount of value for money. This is what you should think about the card and how it functions.


Old Navy Credit Card


Today, it is a common trend to offer low credit limits to the clients and high interest rates. Most of the store oriented credit cards are like this only, and so this card. If you began to like this card, get into this old navy credit card information blog.

Old Navy Credit Card Registration Procedure

Based on what I know, to apply for Old Navy Credit Card, simply follow below mentioned easy steps. These steps will guide you throughout the registration procedure. Keep in mind that, you don’t have an option to select your card. Credit Card issuing authority will give you card selection options based on your credit card limit. So, first and foremost visit old navy credit card official website and get along with below steps.

  • Visit official website
  • Check “Login” section on the top right corner of the webpage. Click on it. On that widget you will see “Not Registered? Register Now” text. Just click on that registration link to proceed further.
  • It will prompt you with a blank form consisting of few details such as your phone number, full name, residential address, bank account related information etc.
  • Furthermore, it will ask you to generate Username and Password. You will be using this information obviously at the time of Credit Card login process.
  • With this in mind, after submitting all the information, finally click on the Register now tab to conclude the registration process.

All things considered, now you are registered for the application procedure for Old Navy Credit Card. From my point of view, now with online account, you can effectively manage your credit card on different devices. For instance, using your smartphones, PC, Laptop and so on.



Credit Score requires to Qualify


Generally, anybody having fair credit can apply for Old Navy Credit Card. So, if your credit score is between 580-669, you are eligible. Alternatively, you should have FICO score of 601-660 to get your application considered. However, your previous credit card history may also effect the final approval process.


Qualification Requirements


  • Applicant should be of 18 years and above.
  • Also, require personal information such as Name, Date of Birth, Social Security Number (SSN).
  • Furthermore, your address and contact information.
  • Moreover, financial information of an applicant such as total annual income.



Old Navy Credit Card Login Procedure – Step by Step

After completing the online registration process now you can easily login to your Old Navy Credit Card account. Here are the simplified steps using which you will be able to understand the login procedure.

  • Browse official website of Old navy
  • On the upper right corner, you will find login tab. Simply, click on that. There you will find two blank field of Username and Password. Key in your username and password. Previously, during the registration process you already have defined username and password.


  • Press login button to process further for access your online old navy account.
  • All in all, now you can manage your account for online payments and all.

Old Navy Credit Card Recover Password

Generally speaking, it is very obvious to forget either Username or Password. This is because of multiple account details you are using nowadays. Thus, it is not easy to remember all such information. In case, you forget your password, don’t worry. There is an option to recover your login details, using “Forget password” link.

Please find below generalized steps to recover old navy online account login details.

  • Visit the login page at Old Navy official website 
  • On the login menu, there is an option of “I Forgot my Password”, click on that.
  • Clicking on that, it will ask you to provide your Email or phone number. This is just because they can send password reset link using those details.
  • Go and check in your email account, and simply click on the password resetting link.
  • It will further prompt you to set new password for your online old navy account.
  • Once you confirm, system will reset your password, which you can use for login during your next login section.

Old Navy Credit Card Application Procedure

After finishing old navy online registration and login process, now you can furthermore start with online Old Navy Credit Card application procedure. It’s my belief that, this information blog will effectively clarify very frequently searched query, “How to apply for Old Navy Credit Card”.

Unlike, other branded credit cards, it is not possible to apply for old navy credit card by walking in to the store itself. Once can apply only through online credit card application process.


Here you go with the steps…
  • Go to old navy online application website.
  • Login to your online old navy account by keying in username and password details.
  • On your account page, you will find a link of “Apply Now”.
  • Clicking on that, you will find another form asking Last 4 digit of SSN number and Mobile phone number. This option will prefill your credit card application from using your details from your online registration form.
  • If you want to enter all your details manually, click on “No thanks, I’ll enter my info manually’ link. This link will open up another blank form.


  • Provide all the information like First Name, Last Name, Suffix, Street Address, Zip Code, City & State, Primary Phone, Type, Alternate Phone, Type, Email Address, SSN/TIN, Date of Birth, Annual Net Income, Associate ID etc.


  • Finally, to end with, click on “Continue”
  • On submitting it, another page will appear, which will ask you for selecting an option for receiving credit card statement either electronically or in hard copy.


  • There is another option for authorizing another user from your direct family members. On authorizing person by keying in First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth details, an additional card will be issued.
  • To end with, click on “Continue”.


  • In final consideration, it will ask you to review old navy credit card terms & conditions.
  • To conclude with the application procedure, click on “Accept & Submit” button. And the process of application is done.
  • On authorizing all the details, you will get final approval. Subsequently, within 2-3 weeks of time you will receive your Credit Card by post.

How to Activate OldNavy Credit Card?

Once you receive your credit card physically, just call on 1-877-371-9673 number to activate your card. By calling on this number, you will need to provide your card number along with three-digit security code. On activation of your credit card, you will get notification both on email and mobile.

How to Deactivate OldNavy Credit Card?

I know you will have to agree that, in spite of all offers, promotions and deals, some of the customers don’t find their credit card worth. Such feedback comes on the basis of all your shopping experience. In such case, if you want to surrender or block your credit card then, simply call on old navy customer support number and give your confirmation. On receiving final confirmation from your end, they will discontinue your existing card immediately.

Old Navy Credit Card Payment

To make online Old Navy Credit Card Payment for your shopping bills, just login to your old navy online account first. There you will get an option to manage your existing card. In which, you will find an option to pay bills online or by mobile app. You will also find an option to pay your Old navy credit card bill payment through mail. For payment using mailing option, following is the address on which you need to forward check or money order.

Old Navy Payments

P.O.Box 530942

Atlanta, GA 30353

Alternately, if you don’t want to do payment using any of the above mentioned methods, just call old navy customer support team on 866-450-5294. On asking, input your credit card account number, ABA routing number along with your bank account number to proceed further.


Old Navy Credit Card – Customer Care Number

For any further support regarding anything related to your old navy credit card, call on old navy 24*7 customer support phone number by dealing on 800-653-6289.

Old Navy Credit Card Phone Number


Old Navy Credit Card Rewards & Benefits

Using old navy credit card there are more than one way to rack up your reward points. Like other major players, when you purchase anything from Old Navy in-store or by online shopping, you will earn 5 reward point on every $1 spent at Old navy family brands. Also, wherever VISA cards are acceptable, you can collect 1 point for every $1 spent. These collected reward points can be redeemed at any Gap Inc. brands such as GAP, Old Navy, Banana Republic and Athleta.

Card members may avail another benefits like
  • For first 60 days, you will get 10% off on your shopping with Old Navy, Welcome Shopping Pass.
  • At the end of the year, if you earn 5000 reward points, you will qualify to receive Navyist Status. This Navyist card status will get you some more additional benefits.
  • To promote online shopping with old navy, online site gives users a chance to win 1000 points which is almost equal to $10. And to earn you simply have to fill online form along with your email id.
  • They offer exclusive offers round the year.
  • On having this card ownership, you will get pre-sale access to old navy exclusive sales.
  • On top of everything, there is a fraud preventing chip installed on the card for better security and safe operations using this card. So that, you can use this card without any fraud or theft fear.

OldNavy Credit Card Disadvantages

As every good thing also have some cons, here as well with old navy credit card. Following are some to list out.

  • One of the major disadvantage of having this card is that, you can use this card only at old navy store or in Gap family stores. So, with this limitation, this card can only be useful at above mentioned GAP, Old Navy, Banana Republic and Athleta places. Whereas, many credit cards offer freedom to use it anywhere without any such restrictions.
  • You cannot convert your reward points in to cash back. Earned reward points can only be used at old navy stores or at GAP family stores.
  • Application of this card doesn’t give you an option to select your card.



How to check Old Navy Card Balance


In order to check Old Navy Card Balance there are mainly two options. Firstly, you can check it by using Old Navy Online management of account. Alternatively, you can dial toll-free number of 1-877-222-6868 for checking balance for the Old Navy Store Card. Also, customers can dial on Old Navy Toll-free number of 1-866-450-5294 to check Old Navy Visa Card balance.


How to report Old Navy Credit Card Lost or Stolen


To begin with, it is extremely important to be careful regarding using credit cards. However, if somehow your Old Navy Credit Card lost or stolen, you should immediately report it on Old Navy Credit Card support phone number by dialing on toll-free number of 1-877-222-6868. The same number can also be used for cancelling your credit card.


How to report Old Navy Credit Card lost of stolen incident



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How to get qualify for Navyist Upgrade?


In order to qualify for Navyist upgrade, customer should earn at-least 5000 points in a single calendar year. Once you collect 5000 points, your card is automatically upgraded for the Navyist membership.


Where can I use my Old Navy Credit Card?


Mainly, there are two types of cards. One is Old Navy Store Card and the other is Old Navy Visa Credit Card. Generally, customers can use store cards at Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, Hill City and Athleta stores. Whereas, customers can use VISA version at all the places which accept VISA credit cards.


How to redeem Old Navy Reward Points?


Whenever you collect 500 rewards point on your credit card, it is equivalent of $5 redemption amount. For that, you need not to do anything, it will be converted automatically in your account. In addition, you can also use this amount for further shopping in Old Navy affiliates.


When will my reward points expire?


Mainly, reward points are valid for 24 months after your eligible purchase. After that, they get expire. Also, after inactivity of card for 2 years, both card as well as reward points expires. Hence, it is important to be careful about such timelines.


Contacting us

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