How to Plead Not Guilty in NJMCDirect?


Once your case got forwarded to the court, it is advisable to defend it if you are not guilty. In order to put your version in court, there are some important points to be taken care. Let’s find out those points in some easy steps to know how to plead not guilty in NJMCDirect.


How to plead not guilty in NJMCDirect


Step-1: First, it is essential to understand what is written in your parking ticket. So, read it completely and to know the charges fined on you. Unless you know the reason why you have received the parking ticket, you cannot able to defend it.


Step-2: Date and time in the parking ticket is another important information to know. Because this is the base of your case.


Step-3: It should be noted that, you must appear in court before the due date of fine payment. Also, be present in the court on given date and time.


Step-4: In case, you have doubt regarding something in the parking ticket, call the New Jersey court number. They will listen your concern and provide you with the best possible support.


Step-5: Subsequently, if still you feel that you cannot plead guilty, get ready with your justifications and documents to establish your innocence in the court. In addition, in some specific cases hire a lawyer who can put your case in a better way in front of judge. Hence, with a proper legal counselling and consultation, you know better where your case stands. And what else can be done next.

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Procedure to get my NJ License Back


First and foremost, it is important to understand the reason of your license suspension. For that, you simply have to call on NJ MVC contact number of (609) 292-6500 {Paid line]. Also, you can contact on the toll-free number of 1-888-486-3339. You can raise any query regarding to your license. As, NJ MVC has the comprehensive records of all valid, expiry, suspended etc. licenses, they will check it online in their database and can get you the proper response. Furthermore, it is always advisable to keep updated about your license in and outs. While contacting NJ MVC, you can ask for the following information.


  • Actual waiting time to get your license back.
  • Also, the details of applicable charges to be paid.
  • In case, your license is seized due to rash driving or drunk and drive case, you must attend the license renewal programs such as DRC or Driving course.


Besides, by simply paying a fee of $15, you will get all license suspension details and information on your email address. In addition, you will also receive such information at your address.







How to pay N.J. License Restoration Fee?


It should be noted that, if your N J License is registered in New Jersey, the restoration fee is $100. In order to make this payment, there are both online (NJMCDirect) and offline payment modes are available.


Online Payment


  • For online fee payment, visit the NJ MVC official payment webpage.
  • Furthermore, you will require the following details to keep handy.
  • Area Zip-code as printed on your license
  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Driving License number (No spaces)
  • Debit Card / Credit Card for payment




Offline Payment


  • You can simply visit any nearby NJ MVC office and can make payment
  • Also, you can send money order payable at NJ MVC.
  • Alternatively, send payment along with your driving license copy to the following address.


New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, P.O.Box 140, Trenton, NJ 08650-0140


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