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Firestone Credit Card Login

Firestone Credit Card Login & Review

In past, Firestone was mainly famous for its automobile tires and auto-care service centers. The organization was came in existence in 1900 and today has become one of the largest Auto Care centers across the globe. Firestone Credit Card also offers various automobile services such as vehicle maintenance service, tires, auto care etc. In order to know more read Firestone Credit Card Login & Review.

In order to fulfilling the global increasing auto-care service related financial dealings, Firestone has introduced different Auto Care credit cards. These cards can be used any Firestone auto care outlets to avail various services. Also, for this credit card there are no annual fees. Moreover, this card is accepted in many countries where Firestone offers its services. Only in USA, there are over 1700 Firestone auto care centers.


Firestone Credit Card customers can avail auto care services countrywide. Its widespread services include pre-scheduled maintenance, repair works, purchase of Firestone manufactured tires as well as of Bridgestone etc. Its extraordinary tire range is suitable for almost any vehicles like Truck, Cars, Van, SUV, Buses and heavy duty commercials etc.

Firestone Credit Card – Application Procedure


As Firestone offers financial flexibility during your every auto care services and hence drive. It also gives you promotional financing for all its services. To enjoy them through credit card, the initial basic step is to have Firestone card first. And for that, you need to apply first. Here is the procedural steps to demonstrate the entire process in a very simple manner.

Application Process

  • Clicking on “Apply” button, you will be directed to online credit card application page. Here the credit card application procedure will take you through 3 main stages of About You, Verification and Final consent and acceptance of Terms & Conditions.

Firestone Credit Card Login - Application Form

  • To start with, it will ask you about some personal information such as Legal First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Residential Address, City, State, Zip code, Phone number, Email address etc.
  • After filling this information, it will further ask you to provide financial information. This information required include SSN, Driver’s License number, Annual income, residential status etc.

Firestone Application Process

  • Finally click on “Continue” button.
  • On clicking “Continue”, second stage of application process will start, which is verification of credentials and authorization process. Once, verification is satisfactory, next page will appear.
  • Next page will display general credit card related terms and conditions. It is advisable to read all terms and condition thoroughly and then agree on it.
  • On agreeing, Firestone Credit Card application will successfully finish and soon your registration process is over.

Firestone Credit Card Login – Registration Process

Firestone online credit card registration process involves 3 steps. First step includes to provide your information and hence register your card and that way create your online account with Firestone. Upon registration of card you will get services like online viewing of account statement, online payments etc. Let’s find out the steps to register the card.

Firestone Credit Card Login - Registration-process

  • There you will find an option to register your Firestone credit card. In “Step-1” key in credit card related information along with SSN and some other info. Then after press on “Continue to Step-2”.
  • Provided that, in this step you need to set up security settings.
  • Subsequently, click on “Continue to Step-3” and agree on general credit card related terms and conditions.
  • Later, click on “Submit” button, to finish the application procedure.

Firestone Credit Card Login


Assuming that, above mentioned credit card registration process is successfully over. Now that, you need to login to your Firestone online account. Follow this easy steps in correct order to perform login process.

Rewards and Exclusive Benefits


  • One of the major promotional reward of this card is interest free shopping, if the purchase is $299 or higher. Card holder has to pay minimum due amount at the end of the running month, and full payment shall be made within 6 months of time.
  • This card offers frequent Monthly deals and discount coupons
  • Also, you will get Seasonal tire promotions
  • This card is acceptable throughout USA
  • Exclusive Promotional financing benefit is one of the highlights.
  • Firestone Credit Card account can be managed Online very efficiently.
  • It also offers Competitive APR

Firestone Credit Card Phone Number


Like major credit card operators, Firestone Credit Card customer service is prompt and very efficient. You can contact them for your queries either by making a phone call or by mail.

By Phone

For any card related queries you can call on Firestone customer care number 1-800-321-3950. On calling on this number, customer care executive will assist you for your card related issues. This service is available on Weekdays from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM and on Saturdays from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Firestone also has Interactive Voice Response (IVR) unit which is at your service 24*7.

By Mail

Furthermore, customer care service can also be avail by Mail correspondence. For such written communications, you can mail them at below mentioned address.

Credit First National Association

BK-11/Customer Service

PO BOX 81315

Cleveland, OH 44181-0315

By Online Portal

To access the customer care online portal, you have to visit below mentioned link


On that portal, you simply have to select subject related to your query from the dropdown list. Then after jot down your comment in the given box along with your Name, Address and contact details. Once online query has been submitted, you will get answer within stipulated time period.

You can also make online payment for Firestone Credit Card using the above mentioned 3 different means, which is by phone, by mail and by online account management portal.

Firestone Credit Card – Deactivation

In case, you are unhappy with your existing Firestone card, then you have also an option to discontinue your card by contacting customer care executive. For this, you need to contact on 1-800-321-3950 on weekdays between 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM and on Saturdays between 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Contacting us

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