Debenhams Credit Card Login

DEBENHAMS Credit Card Login

DEBENHAMS Credit Card Login

The focus of discussion in this blog is on “How satisfied you are with your existing Credit Card?”. If “NO” is the answer then, the sensible idea would be switching to another Card. Debenhams Credit Card is an excellent option to have. Using this card, you can earn reward points for all your spending whether it is from shopping with Debenhams store or any other transactions. Apparently, after 3 months with the same card usage, you will get cash vouchers equivalent to the points on Debenhams Credit Card. On the whole, you can further do shopping in Debenhams store using those vouchers.

DEBENHAMS Credit Card Login

Debenhams franchisees are located in UK as well as worldwide and is well known apparel retailer from the British period. The source suggests that, a loyalty program called “Beauty Club” is going for its valuable customers. With this NewDay Ltd. they also offer financial services for personal requirements.  Following, they also offer a Debenhams MasterCard Credit Card, which comes with tremendous benefits for their customers. Some of them are, you can earn reward point on each spending, later convert them to cash vouchers. Furthermore, it also offers discounts, entry passes for special events, standard free delivery etc.


Login Process: Debenhams Card

By following this simple and easy steps, Debenhams account access can become possible and you will be able to manage your credit card features online.

  • Open the browser and key-in below displayed link which will take you to the login page

  • Clicking on above link, login page will appear in which you have to type your Username and Password. And then click on LOG IN button to access your Debenhams account. If you want to get your login credentials remembered by browser, then before clicking on LOG IN, tick on “Remember my username”. This will enable you to log in directly without putting your credentials on your next login attempt. This way you need not to remember your details and key-in them every time you want to access your account.

Login Process: Debenhams Card

  • As you can see in the above login box, it is always advisable not to tick “Remember my username” box, if you are using either public or shared device.


Register to Debenhams Card (First time user)

For those, who are new and first time user of online access of Debenhams Credit Card, it is compulsory to register yourself first. Here is step by step guide to register yourself, which is one-time exercise.

  • Open your web browser and key-in below displayed link, which will direct you the registration procedure.

  • By registering for Online Account Manager facility you can access your Debenhams account online and can check account balance, billing information, statement, online credit card payments etc.

Register to Debenhams Card (First time user)

  • Online registration process will ask you to key-in some basic personal details to verify your credentials with Debenhams.
  • Provide your Last Name, Date of Birth in DD/MM/YYYY format, Postcode, Card details such as Card Number (16 digit) and Expiry Date of the card in MM/YY format.
  • If you are not comfortable providing your card details, there is another option in which you only have to key-in your account number.
  • Click on the check box which says that you have read all terms and conditions and agreed with it.
  • Finally, click on NEXT button which will ask you some more information for further verification of your credentials.
  • If the information provided by you is accurate and matches with Debenhams master data, then your application will be through. And you will get Username and Password to access your account online.


Apply for a Debenhams Credit Card

Debenhams Credit Card application process involves some basic and easy checks of your eligibility. In some cases, it happens that you get rejection. This is purely on the basis of your credit score and credit history. It is necessary for the lender to check your credit history so that, lender can make a decision to process your application.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Age of customer should be 18 years or more.
  • Potential customer should be UK resident and should have lived in UK for at least 12 consecutive months or more.
  • Customer should have UK bank account and mobile number.
  • Should not have existing Debenhams Card.
  • Customer should have regular income so that, can repay for the amount he has spent using Credit Card.
  • Customer should ensure that, by any means if any payments are missed out, he should be willing to pay charges. Also, customer must be agree that, such missed payment can seriously affect their credit card history and credit score.

Process to recover Username / Password

By chance if you forgot your Username to access online Debenhams account, then there is nothing to worry. There you will see an option below the Sign In button for Password Reset. Then after, it will show you a form in which you have to key-in some of account details for verification. Once verification is through, it will provide your Username through the registered email. Furthermore, if still you cannot retrieve your Username, simply walk-in to the Debenhams store and speak to the customer desk or else call on the Customer Care toll free number and they will assist you recovering your Username.

Process to Recover Username / Password

To recover your password, follow the same process or simply Click Here and provide some basic account related personal details. And you will get a password reset link in your email id.


Benefits of Debenhams Credit Card

Debenhams Credit Card comes with exciting features and benefits which will help the customers to earn cashback and reward points. Card usage can be anywhere weather it is in Debenhams store or for routing daily purchase. Some of the benefits are mentioned below.

  • Use your card for your daily shopping

You can use Debenhams Credit Card for your routine daily shopping in stores and online with You can also use this card wherever you find MasterCard sign or logo.

  • For Earn reward points

On your every spending through this card, you will collect points in your account. Like if you spend £1 at any Debenhams store or online with, you will receive 3 points.

For usage of this card other than Debenhams store or website, you will get 1 point for every £2 spent. So, the more you use this card, the more points you will collect.

  • Get Debenhams Reward Vouchers

After every quarter of the year, Debenhams will check your points and accordingly it will send you gift or reward vouchers along with your account statement. These vouchers are usable in any Debenhams stores in UK.

  • Bonus points worth £5 with your welcome pack

When you get your first Debenhams Credit Card, you will get complementary 500 reward points equivalent of £5.


Another exclusive benefits

  • For every new purchases, get Free Delivery

Free standard delivery is one of the benefits, which you will get when you do shopping on Debenhams store or online.

  • Pay less for your Lunch or Afternoon Tea

In any of their restaurants or cafes, if you purchase lunch or tea with your existing Debenhams Credit Card, you will get 10% off on you billing amount.

  • Save on your Travel Money

For your travelling plan, in any Debenhams Travel Money bureau just use your Debenhams Credit Card and you will get better rate. This way you can have more money to spend on your planned travel. Additionally, no Travel Money Fee, if you are a Debenhams Credit Card holder.

  • Get invitation on special shopping carnivals

Debenhams credit card holder get regular invitations whenever there are special shopping carnivals. You can have tremendous discounts and offers to make your shopping experience even more joyful.

  • Credit for longer period

For this benefit, your credit card history should be clean. Also, make sure that, you do your card payments regularly without any miss. This way you can get interest free credit for up to 56 days, which is not bad.

  • Share and Care

Like other credit cards, the more you shop the more you get reward points. Debenhams credit card rewards points can also be share with additional card of your family members. To apply for additional card, give a call on 0333 220 2519.


How Debenhams Credit Card Works?

Debenhams Credit Card benefits must have made you thinking of how to use this card to have maximum benefits. Following are some of the important ways to use your card.

  • Simply use this card for all in-store or online shopping with Debenhams. This way you can collect maximum reward points on your card.
  • On every £1 you spend, you get 3 points. On collection of such 500 points, at the end of every month you will receive £5. This can be converted in the multiples of 500.
  • After a quarter, you will get cash vouchers and reward vouchers based on the points you have collected. This information you get in Debenhams Credit Card statements also.
  • On your welcome kit, you will get preloaded 500 reward points to make you association with Debenhams even more exciting.


How to make payments for Debenhams Credit Card?

There are couple of different ways, you can make payments for your Credit Cards.

  • Call them on their Credit Card customer care number and you can make payments. Also you can ask them for your balance and outstanding amounts and interest.
  • They charge late payment fee of £12 if you miss any payments.
  • Nowadays, so many fraudulent cases are evident, so making payment by calling them should be very careful. After calling on Debenhams customer care, don’t forget to press on 3. This will transfer your call to New Day Ltd., authorized customer care. Simply answer some account related security questions and make your payments through.
  • For online payment, simply go on Debenhams official portal and login to your account. Here you will get an option to make your payments and manage your card.

Activation Process

A simple answer of “How to activate Debenhams Credit Card?” is that, first register yourself with the system. To activate the card, call on 0333 220 2519 which is Debenhams customer care number for any card related inquiry or help.

Deactivation Process

If you are done with this card and don’t want to use is further, go for deactivation process. For that, simply dial 0844 826 8066 number register your request of cancellation of Debenhams Credit Card. After 30 days your card will be cancelled.


Debenhams CreditCard Payment

There are several ways using which you can make payments for your existing Debenhams Credit Card. Let’s have a look.

  • One thing to be keep in mind is your account number, which you find on the top right corner of your Debenhams Credit Card statement.
  • Direct Debit – Using this payment option is always a good choice because, you need not to remember payment due date. Simply, set a direct debit for your card, and at the end of every month, amount will be deducted from your bank account as per your choice. It can be full payment, partial minimum due payable or a fixed amount which is greater than the minimum payable figures.
  • To set Direct Debit, you can call on Debenhams Customer Care number on 0333 220 2519. The other way is, login to your account on Debenhams online customer portal and set under ‘Manage Payments’ tab.
  • Customers can also make payments without logged into online portal. For making payments using internet or telephone banking, keep handy your account number, bank sort code and Credit Card number.
  • There is another way of making payment which is by post. But for this option it is advisable to make your bill payments well in advance. Sending payment at least 7 working days before due date is preferable. For payments don’t send post-dated cheque of cash. Also, write cheque on the NewDay Ltd. Along with your 16-digit account number.
  • To send bill payments using post, following address should be used.

NewDay Ltd., PO Box 218, Rotherham, S98 1NS.

  • For cash payments, simply walk in to any nearest UK Debenhams store and using payment slip or debit card, make your payments. This is also a good option for those who don’t want to share their account related information on phone or on internet.


What is Debenhams contact number


For any Queries where to write?

Customers can put their Debenhams account, order, shopping, Credit Card or any other queries by just writing a mail. To get your query answered, it will take up to 48 hours of time. If you have something which is urgent, simply go for a call on Debenhams Customer Care number which is 0333 220 2519. To write an Email use address.



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Debenhams credit card FAQs


When to start using my Debenhams Credit Card?

After application, generally you will get your Debenhams Credit Card within 10 business days. Once you receive your card, simply call on 0800 915 2205 for activation. After successful activation, you can start using your Debenhams Credit Card.


How many Reward Points I can earn using my Debenhams Credit Card?

Like most of the cards, the more you spend the more you will earn. On every £1 spent with Debenhams you will earn 3 points. For all other £2 spent outside Debenhams, you will earn 1 reward point.


Can I earn reward points on Debenhams Store Card?

Just as credit card, on every £1 spent in Debenhams, you will earn 3 reward points.


How long the online application process will take?

In general, the online Debenhams Credit Card application process will take approximately 10-15 minutes.


After an online application, what if I have changed my mind?

In order to withdraw your application, you can contact Debenhams contact number on 0333 220 2519 within 14 days of your online application.


What if my online Debenhams Credit Card application is declined?

In case, you get rejection, check your credit score through any agency. Furthermore, it is advisable to wait for next 6 months before reapplying.


Will applying for a credit card affect my credit rating?

Yes. In case you have recently applied for multiple credit cards and several got rejected. Then it may reduce your credit rating.


How to report my lost or stolen Debenhams Credit Card?

First and foremost, call on the Debenhams Credit Card Customer Service by calling them on 0333 220 2519. Furthermore, ask them to block your credit card to avoid any misuse of your card.


How to report my lost or stolen Debenhams Credit Card


How long it will take get my PIN?

Generally, it takes 5-7 working days to get your PIN after signing the agreement.


How do I change my PIN?

In order to change your PIN, simply visit nearby cash machine and follow instructions under PIN services.


What to do if I forget my PIN or get it wrong?

In general, you get 3 changes to enter your PIN during your transactions. For 3 consecutive incorrect PIN entries, the system will block your PIN. Thus to unblock it, simply call on Debenhams phone number by dialing 0333 220 2519 and request a new PIN.


How to prevent my card from fraud and misuse?

In order to protect your card from inevitable fraud and misuse incidents, sign on the back side of your Credit card just after activation. Also, change your PIN immediately after you receive it for the first time by your credit card provider. Furthermore, never share your card details and PIN with anyone. In case, at any point you observe any suspicious thing, contact Debenhams contact number on 0333 220 2519 without a miss.


How do I report my lost or stolen Debenhams Credit Card?

In order to report an incident of Debenhams Credit Card lost, call immediately on Debenhams lost or stolen card helpline number on 0333 220 2519. Subsequently, they will block your card and will send you new card as soon as possible.


How can I manage my card account online?

Importantly, to manage your card and account online, there is a portal of Debenhams Credit Card Login, using which you can sign in to your account and can manage your card. In addition, such online account management facility is available 24 hours, 365 days a year. In order to perform Debenhams Credit Card Login, simply click here.



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More Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q- Can I still continue using my Debenhams Credit Card?

A- The answer is “Yes”. You can still use your Debenhams Credit Card for shopping. However, you must take care that, it is acceptable at all those outlets where MasterCard is acceptable. For that, there should be a MasterCard logo on your Debenhams Credit Card. For any further changes, keep browsing information on this site.


Q- How to report my lost or stolen Debenhams Credit Card?

A- It is important to keep your Debit/Credit cards safe with you. In spite of that, due to some reason is your Debenhams Credit Card is lost or stolen, immediately report it and block the card by calling on Debenhams Customer Service number on 0333 220 2519. Once, your card is blocked, you will get a new card which will be charged at a standard national rate. In order to report Debenhams Credit Card lost incidents the customer support lines are available seven days a week between 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM.


Q- Where can I use my Debenhams Store Card?

A- You can make use of your Debenhams Store Card to shop online on Also, you can use the store card anywhere in UK for purchase.


Q-Where can I use my Debenhams Credit Card?

A- Customers can use Debenhams Credit Card within around 36 million retail outlets globally, where MasterCard are acceptable.


Q-How can I change my PIN?

A- In order to change your PIN, you simply need to visit any cash machine within UK where PIN Services are offered. You have to follow some simple instructions to change your PIN.


Q-What should I do if I forget my PIN?

A- Importantly, you will have 3 chances to enter your PIN for payment process. After 3 unsuccessful PIN attempts, your PIN will be blocked. In that case, you simply have to call on Debenhams Credit Card Customer Services on 0333 220 2519 and ask them to provide you a new PIN.


Q-How can I manage my card account online?

A- It is very easy to manage your Debenhams Credit Card account online. For that, simply visit the online account manager which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days round the year.



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