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David’s Bridal Credit Card Login & Review


In the year of 1950, David’s Bridal brand was established by David Reisberg. Initially, it was a small boutique in a place Fort Lauderdale in Florida. It has become famous once it was taking over by Phillip Youtie in 1972. He has acquired this small boutique and took it from a small place to many new locations. Presently, David’s Bridal stores exists in almost 50 states of USA and have approximately 300+ stores globally including Canada, Mexico and UK. Let’s find out more about David’s Bridal Credit Card Login & Review.

The average wedding gown of David’s Bridal brand costs over $1000. So, it is very obvious that majority of the crowd may not afford such an expensive wedding gown. The idea of introducing David’s Bridal was to encourage brides to wear it and afford it with a kind of financial scheme called David’s Bridal Credit Card.

David’s Bridal Credit Card Login

David’s Bridal Credit Card Rating

Nowadays, so many retail giants offer exclusive membership, rewards schemes, exciting deals and many more for solid customer base. Returning customers are always beneficial for any brand. Such loyal customers are considered as an asset for any store credit card users. If you compare David’s Card with similar other credit cards than we must say that this card carries a little less benefits and rewards. The one and only major reason to avail David’s Card is, interest free six months’ credit. TJ Maxx Credit Card is another excellent option to have.

Before making any decision it is very important to go through all the pros and cons of credit card. Such fine print is always helpful for making wise and right decision for yourself. Financial terms of David’s Bridal CreditCard are such that, to avoid deferred interest, it is necessary to repay your amount within the time limit of six months. Within six months the amount is interest free, then after remaining unpaid amount will levy interest on the full purchase amount.

David’s Bridal Credit Card Login - Highlights

David’s Bridal Credit Card Benefits

David’s Bridal Credit Card has a higher APR of 28.49%. Therefore, you need to be very careful while using David’s Bridal Credit Card. Also, it is very important to repay the amount within 6 months’ time without any delay to avoid higher interest charges on the net amount. For example, if someone buy a bridal dress worth $1500 and don’t pay the amount within the grace period then, after interest free period the repayment amount will be approximately $213 with the higher APR of 28.49% which is not a pleasant deal. Furthermore, up to six months’ minimum due payment should be made regularly.

David’s Bridal Credit Card Login - Benefits

Additionally, the usage limitation of this Credit Card makes it a bit inconvenient. You cannot use this card anywhere else than the David’s Bridal stores. Let us put it the other way, like on a special big day sale you don’t want to buy everything from a single store.

All in all, there is nothing much interesting except six months’ interest free financing. That is what makes it very difficult to recommend David’s Bridal Credit Card. Unlike several similar Cards, David’s Bridal Card does not offer Cash Back, Reward Points, Free Shipping, Other perks etc. This card gives nothing except tenuous promise of rare day promotional offer with the store.

David’s Bridal Credit Card Application

In the case of frequent rejection from other similar Credit Cards, the only card you can expect to get approval is David’s Bridal Credit Card. However, this is not always the case. It may also possible that, even if you have good credit score, you get rejection. This is a sign that, you need to have good to fair credit score to avail this card.

David’s Card can be applied either online or at any of the David’s Bridal locations. To apply online simply Click Here, and it will redirect you to the online application process.

David’s Bridal Credit Card Login - Application-process

David's Bridal Credit Card Login - Application procedure

David’s Bridal Credit Card Login

For David’s Bridal Card members, there is an online portal using which David’s Bridal account can be managed online. Efficient financial management is always a key for better decision making and smart money. Online David’s Card Login allows you to keep track of your credit card account related records 24/7 from anywhere anytime.  Following are the steps which will enable you to get login in to the online portal.

David's Bridal Credit Card Login Process


David’s Bridal Customer Service Details

David's Bridal Customer Service Details


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