Banana Republic Credit Card

Banana Republic Credit Card

Banana Republic Credit Card Login

Banana Republic Credit Card Login or Banana Republic Store Card are the options for those customers who have some special attachment with Banana Republic brand. Choice of card can be on the basis of your existing credit score. All in all, someone who has a decent credit history and an excellent credit score can get Banana Republic VISA Credit Card. With a little moderate credit score you can have Banana Republic Store Card which can only be used in designated stores. Both the cards will allow you to shop from Banana Republic as well as retailers like Old Navy, Gap and Athleta. This all credit cards are having similar terms and conditions

Banana Republic Credit Card Login

Major highlights – Banana Republic Credit Card

Major highlights of this card includes 25% off on your first purchase from once account authorization is done. There are no annual fees to pay. Also, whenever you do shopping from any Banana Republic, Old Navy, Gas and Athleta stores, you will get benefit of 5% cash back. This 5% cash back is applicable on both VISA and store cards. If you are using Banana Republic VISA Credit Card at other than designated places, then on every purchase you will get 1% cash back. Furthermore, if you reach up to Luxe membership status, you will earn additional exciting perks and benefits.

BANANA Republic LUXE Status

Banana Republic Credit Card Login-features-and-benefits

Believe it or not, when you reach to 5000 reward points, you will able to unleash the premium benefits of Banana Republic Card. Also, you will get LUXE status on your card. So that, such status will earn you even more perks of 3-5 days shipping of your order. Moreover, 20% additional bonus points at the end of every quarter. Furthermore, no cost basic alteration at Banana Republic stores. In addition, Luxury to select your own sale day, dedicated toll free hotline to speak to customer care without any waiting on 866-450-2335 etc.

Furthermore, if you enroll for paperless online billing and monthly statement, then you will earn more 500 reward points. Usage without proper approval does not include charges by a person to whom you have given authority to use your account or card. Hence, you will be answerable for all use by such person.

Things to look for

  • This card is not a wise choice for someone who doesn’t pay full outstanding amount on time. This is because of relatively High APR. So, if you always have sufficient balance in your accounts, a low APR card could be a better choice for you.
  • This card doesn’t allow you to transfer your balance. So, if you do balance transfer frequently or occasionally, go for some other cards which allow you to do so.
  • Redemption of your earned reward points, can only be allowed at Gap Inc. So, redemption limitation is also a major constraint.
  • If you do foreign online or in-store transactions, you will charge 3% fee for all such payments. So, foreign transaction fees are quite high.

Customer Service for Banana Republic Credit Card

For any Credit Card related queries, dial on the following toll free numbers.

BR Card           : 866-450-2330

BR Luxe Card  : 866-450-2335

You can also Write a letter, for any specific issue or dispute residual.

Gap Inc./Synchrony Bank
PO Box 965004
Orlando, FL 32896-5004



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