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ASDA Credit Card Login & Review

ASDA Credit Card Login

ASDA is the third largest supermarket chain in United Kingdom (UK) and is very familiar name. Thousands of repeating customers visit ASDA store for their day to day shopping requirements such as, Groceries, Cloths, Accessories, Medicines, Automobiles etc. This retail super giant has reward credit card for in-store as well as online shopping from ASDA, but somehow, it is not that much known in UK. Let’s find out more about ASDA Credit Card Login.



Creation Financial Services which a part of BNP Paribas Global Banking group, generally provides ASDA Credit Card. This card comes with Mastercard network, so you can use it worldwide for shopping. The main focus of ASDA Credit Card providers is rewards to its customers. Another thing to keep in mind is that, these earned reward points can be transferred only in ASDA reward vouchers. Customers can use these reward points to shop in ASDA stores only. You cannot convert reward points in to cash, as in the case of other similar credit cards.

Cashback in ASDA

It entirely depends on how you use your ASDA Credit Card to conclude, whether it is good for you or not. Accordingly, you must put in consideration criteria’s like, monthly credit card charges, interest on outstanding amount, fees on late payments etc., to actually assess this card. Actual cash back rewards should be compared with these

ASDA Cashback Calculator

Eligibility to apply for ASDA Credit Card Login


ASDA Credit Card can be applied either online or by making a simple phone call. However, there are some defined qualification criteria which needs to be fulfilled to get your application considered.

  • First, Applicant should be UK resident.
  • Age should be Over 18 years at the time of application
  • Also, must have valid UK mobile or home telephone number.
  • Good Credit Score History.
  • Must have valid UK-based bank account.

Currently, ASDA is not accepting new applications for Credit Cards..


Possible reason for Rejection


It is not always that, having good credit score can get your application through. It may happen that, if your past credit history is bad or any such bankruptcies case are active against you, then your application can be rejected.

ASDA-Creditcard-Reward-Mastercard-features and benefits


How to recover Lost or Stolen ASDA Credit Card

In case of Lost or Stolen ASDA Credit Card, the immediate action should be to contact ASDA Customer Care and stop card payments. So that, Call on 0800-783-5881 (UK) and for customer Outside UK can Call on +44-121-712-6952.

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