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American Eagle Credit Card Login & Payment

American Eagle Credit Card Login & Review

American Eagle Credit Card comes with splendid features which makes it apart from other similar credit card. In this blog, everything is covered starting from application, signing in, features, customer care etc. After reviewing this page, you will learn about pros and cons of American Eagle Credit Card. American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. is an American giant retailer of apparels and accessories. AEO was founded in 1977 as a subsidiary of the company named Retail Ventures, Inc. Basically, it a parent company of a brand called Aerie which is a known lingerie retailer in America. Let’s find out more about American Eagle Credit Card Login & Review.


American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) is having remarkably larger base in America with almost 929 stores in America and worldwide. Furthermore, it has 148 Aeries lingerie stores spread all over the globe. AEO’s major customer base consist of young crowd, like female and students. More than 22500 workers are associated with this retail giant. AEO is having its headquarter in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

American Eagle Credit Card Highlights

AEO Credit Card offers decent reward program along with variety of eye-catching features.

American Eagle Outfitters (AEO) Credit Card Features


American Eagle Credit Card Highlights

AEO Credit Card offers decent reward program along with variety of eye-catching features.

To begin with, it is necessary to know that, American Eagle Credit Card or AEO Credit Card comes with 2 options. One if AEO Connect Credit Card and another one is AEO Connect VISA Credit Card. Both the cards are for different objectives. Customers can use AEO connected credit card only in the American Eagle stores. Whereas, AEO Visa credit card is acceptable to everywhere including American Eagle stores and other stores as well. Provided that, if you are American Eagle’s traditional loyal customer and purchase everything from there only, then AEO connected is best for you. And if you want a card which will allow you to shop both at American Eagle store and outside then, AEO Visa credit card is a good choice for you.


American Eagle Credit Card Login process

AEO Credit Card Login is an online portal facility for all American Eagle Credit Card holders, to manage their credit card account and data online. Using this facility, there are so many functions which customers can access online anytime and anywhere. Assuming that, you are now ready to learn about how to perform American Eagle Credit Card Login process. Please follow our simple step by step guide to learn how to access AEO Credit Card online portal.

  • To start with, visit the official portal of American Eagle Credit Card by Clicking Here.
  • It will take you to the login window, which will look like the form below.


  • In that form, first enter your User ID. This is case-sensitive field so be careful.
  • Then after, enter your Password.
  • In order to get your credentials remember by portal and your system, tick mark on the box. This box is in front of “Remember User ID”.
  • By clicking on that box, next time when you attempt login to your account, you need not to remember your password. It will automatically read the password from database.
  • Finally, click on “Secure Login” button.
  • The online system will verify your login credentials and if they match with the bank database, then the portal will allow you to get access of your account.


AEO Credit Card – Find your User ID

AEO Credit Card Login portal is very efficient and effective to manage American Eagle Credit Card online. Assuming that, you forgot your User ID and not able to login to your online account. There is an option to find your User ID. For that, follow the below steps in the sequence.

  • As usual, go to your online portal login page.
  • In case, you forgot your User ID, and want to find it, click on “Find User ID”.
  • Clicking on that, another menu will appear on screen.


  • In that form, Enter Card Number. You can see the American Credit Card account number on the top left corner of your credit card or statement.
  • Subsequently, enter Zip Code in the next space. This is your billing Zip Code.
  • Then after, click on “Find User ID” button.
  • On authorization of all your credentials with the central database, you will get your User ID on your email account.


AEO Credit Card Login – Password Reset

Once you are ready to login to your online account, but due to some reason cannot able to login due to password mismatch, follow this trailing steps. It is very obvious that, forgetting password is not a new thing in this days. However, in such situation this online portal gives you an option to reset your password.

  • To start with, go to the login page.
  • There at the bottom of the form, an option of “Forgot Password” is visible.
  • Click on that, and it will open another form of “Reset Your Password”.


  • In that form, enter User ID, which is case sensitive.
  • Now that, enter your Zip code, as printed on the billing address.
  • To end with, click on “Continue” button.
  • It will further verify your credentials, and then will give you an option to select password.
  • Once, password is reset, it will allow you to login on to the portal.


American Eagle Credit Card Login – New Registration

All First Time users must do registration before they start using online portal and managing their account. Again for this, follow some easy steps.

  • Go to the login page or the portal by Clicking Here.
  • Check the “Register” button.
  • It will drive you to “Register for Online Access” form. Check below form.


  • In that form, enter your Card Number, which is printed on your bill or credit card.
  • Enter your Zip Code, again you will find this on your bill.
  • After some basic authentication, you will be asked to select your User ID and Password. After verification of details you will get login credentials in your email.


AEO Connected® Credit Card

This is the very basic card of American Eagle. Customers can use AEO Connected Credit Card only at select locations such as AEO Stores, Online AE shopping, Aerie and Online Aerie website.

Let’s find out the benefits it carries.

  • 15 points when spend $1 at AEO/Aerie select locations.
  • 2500 points equals $10 Rewards Dollars
  • Free Shipping
  • 20% OFF on your birthdays using coupons.
  • Buy 5 Get 1 Jeans offer.
  • Buy 5 Get 1 Bra offer.
  • Exclusive shopping day coupons.
  • Annually 6 events for all card members.


AEO Connected® Visa Credit Card

This card is no different from AEO Connected Credit Card. The only change is that, being Visa Credit Card it can be used anywhere. Need not to go to AEO identified locations. You can use it as normal Visa Credit Card for all kind of shopping globally.

Let’s find out the benefits in addition to AEO Connected Credit Card

  • Customers can use it globally, where Visa cards are acceptable
  • 5 points when spend $1 at other than AEO identified places.


American Eagle Credit Card: Eligibility

To get eligible for American Eagle Credit Card, one should have credit score of 650 and above. However, note that, credit score of $650 and above will not always guarantee you to get authorization of the same. It is your past few years’ credit history which makes your application eligible for getting American Eagle Credit Card. The very basic credit limit starts with $150, for those with moderate credit score. Once you use your credit card for 6 months with all your payments paid regularly, you can increase your credit limit by requesting the bank.


How to Apply for American Eagle Credit Card?

It is very convenient and easy to apply for American Eager Credit Card online. For that, you have to go to AEO’s official website by clicking here. After that, the following online application form will appear on your screen. There you please insert some of your basic details and submit the form for further approval. For more details, please follow below steps.

  • Go to the official online application page of Synchrony Bank. Keep your details handy which may need to key in in the form.
  • Online application will start with the online form, which is as below.


  • Enter your First Name followed by Last Name
  • Furthermore, key in your Street Address
  • Also, enter your Zip Code and City & State details in the form.
  • Then after enter your Primary Phone number and type of phone number, like whether it is Home, Cell or Business number.
  • If you don’t have any phone number because you are deaf or hard of hearing, there is a check box. Clicking on that will allow Synchrony Bank to contact you using your phone or by text messaging.
  • Enter your Email Address then. Further Confirm it again to avoid any wrong entry.
  • Key in your Date of Birth.
  • Then after, enter Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number (SSN)/ITIN.
  • Furthermore, enter your Annual Net Income in $. Mind that, only net income should be included which is available to spend from your existing assets.
  • Finally, click on Continue button.
  • Moreover, it will ask you to select the American Credit Card for which you want to apply for. Additionally, the online application will ask you to agree general Terms & Conditions. Finally, it will show you the available options and results which are available according to your details entered in the form. And, your online Credit Card application is done.




American Eagle Credit Card Support: 1-800-843-0875



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